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Pangolin Laser Systems

Pangolin FB4 DMX with QuickShow

Pangolin FB4 DMX with QuickShow

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FB4 DMX, the new network hardware from Pangolin, offers numerous opportunities for professional laser show control. With FB4 DMX, you can implement a comprehensive network setup with standard CAT5 or CAT6 cables. Moreover, it can be operated through DMX or ArtNet. Additionally, the device features an on-board SD card memory for automated show playback. You can manage FB4 DMX by using a lighting console, a PC, or the auto-mode. Furthermore, its full color OLED display offers control over various projector settings like colors, safety, geometric correction, and more. To top it off, FB4 DMX comes with QuickShow, the acclaimed laser control software, at no cost.

Manufactured in Slovenia

Try a FREE DEMO of QuickShow, by Clicking Here.

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